What are the Best Sex Toys for Women?

What are the best sex toys for the ladies? It all depends, no two women are the same of course. But with the said there are some that stand out as being really good and they are all listed in this post…

Before I tell you my thoughts on the top female adult toys I want to share a little secret with you. I LOVE my toy collection! I think all women should have plenty of choice when it comes to their toys. After all they don’t hurt anyone, they are good fun and the give a LOT of pleasure!

Check out this list of the top ten best toys for the ladies:

    1. The top luxury vibrators for womenLuxury vibrators – With vibrators, you get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong cheaper vibes will make you cum, but the top brands are so much better. They work better, they feel better, they last much, much longer, they come with rechargeable batteries and they look so much sexier! If you can afford to splash out on a more luxurious vibe you wont regret it. (You will probably save money in the long run as well).
    2. Glass dildos and vibrators – Wow! These are great. I love them for two reasons. Firstly because they are so hard and rigid I can use them to hit exactly the spot I want. (Plastic or rubber toys sometimes have a bit of give in them which can make me miss the magic spot). Secondly, they can be warmed up or cooled down to enjoy some sexy temperature play. If you haven’t tried this you NEED to!
    3. G-spot toys – G-spot orgasms are amazing and in my opinion so much better than  clitoral ones. Thankfully for us ladies the sex toy engineers have created special vibes and dildos that make it much, much easier for us to find this powerful spot for the BEST orgasms!
    4. Fucking machines – Be careful if you buy one of these you might just end up ditching your lover! 😉 . Sex machines are basically a box with a thrusting metal rod which is attached to a dildo. The machines are mains powered and have remote controls to vary the speed and depth of the thrusting motion. They never get tired, they never suffer from premature ejaculation and they never complain… The perfect lover perhaps? 😉
    5. Sex swings – Strapping with a seat attached, designed to hold someone in place while they are fucked senseless! Great for long sessions and finding those perfect sex positions when propping up some cushions just wont do. If you like having long sex sessions these are a must in my opinion.
  1. Remote controlled vibrators – I LOVE THESE TOYS. Either internal or clitoral vibes, put in place under clothes and then worn out to parties, bars, clubs or wherever you chose to have fun. One person wears the toy and the other uses it to drive them wild (all in public and with no one else knowing what is going on!)
  2. Strap-on dildos – Some women love nothing more than to be fucked by another lady wearing a nice big strap-on cock. Other ladies love nothing more than to fuck someone (man or woman) with a plastic cock on a strap on harness. Either way strap-ons are seriously kinky and a lot of fun. My tip is to start of with a small one and then work your way up to an absolute monster!
  3. Magic massagers – These super powerful massagers are mains powered and can be used for massage but also for extremely intense vaginal stimulation. Ladies that own these swear by them. They aren’t the cheapest adult toy but they are A LOT OF FUN! Just like the sex machines, if you buy one of these you might find yourself staying home alone a lot. 😉
  4. Anal beads – Super cheap, super easy to use and super fun! Simply insert the toy into the butt and then pull it out at the point of maximum climax for an earth moving, mind blowing  orgasm. These have to be used to understand how awesome they are and best of all the are sooooooo cheap to buy!
  5. Butt plugs – Great for two things. Helping the butt relax to prepare it for anal sex. Or just as a nice fun sex toy on it’s own. They come in a huge range of sizes from cute to terrifying (and trust me when I say terrifying, I mean terrifying!)

PS – One final tip when playing around with the best women’s adult toys. Never forget hygiene is very important. If you don’t clean them after every use they can easily get a build up of nasty bacteria. So I suggest you invest in some sex toy cleaner and then most importantly don’t forget to use it!

PPS  – Feel to check out this video to get you excited about your new toys..!
Finally this article has some great advice for buying kinky toys and this one has great advice about sexual health in general.

Want to Know How to Use a Vibrator?

Do you want to know how to use a vibrator? On yourself? Or with your partner? Check out these easy to follow, simple tips and then go have some sexy fun with your toys!

These simple, easy to follow steps will give you all the advice you need to start having lots of fun.
The techniques are broken up into two stages:

  1. Advice for women on how to play with a vibe on themselves.
  2. Advice for using a vibrator on your female partner.

Before I go into the list of steps I just want to say two things. Firstly the most important thing is to relax and not put too much pressure on yourself. Using a vibrator is a skill and like any skill it takes a little practice to get really good at it. (Still I reckon that’s not so bad, there are a lot worse things I could think of practicing!)

Secondly for this post I will focus on clitoral vibrators. Lets keep things simple for now..!

Advice for ladies on how to use a vibe for masturbation.

  1. Pick a time when you wont be disturbed or overheard.
    You don’t want someone bursting in on you or overhearing a strange buzzing noise coming from your bedroom!
  2. Get yourself in the right mood. Anytime you try anything new to do with sex, always, always, always get in the right mood first. Light candles, have a bath, listen to music, fantasize. Do whatever you need to get ready for some sexy action.
  3. When you are ready turn on the vibe. Don’t turn it up to full intensity (save that for later tee hee) and explore all of your pussy with it. Tickle your lips, pop it inside you and of course, tease your clit with it.
  4. Remember to relax, breathe and enjoy it. Focus your mind on the pleasurable sensations and they will start to intensify.
  5. If it helps fantasize about someone or something that really makes you hot.
  6. Just keep hitting the spots in your pussy that feel really good. You’re going to start feeling hot and the sexy sensations will increase… This is when you turn up the intensity of your vibrator. An orgasm is coming (Pun intended!).
  7. Then (and this is VERY, VERY, important), do it again and again and again. Remember practice makes perfect and masturbation is good for you!

How to one on your female partner.

  1. Make sure you wont be disturbed and you are both comfortable with your environment. This might not seem that important (especially to a man), but trust me it is!).
  2. Make sure she is in a sexy mood. Use sexy talk, setting the scene, music or whatever else it is that she likes to help her relax and feel horny.
  3. Warm her up with plenty of kissing and non-vibrator foreplay. Remember, women get turned on like volume knobs so build it up nice and slowly.
  4. Give her the vibe and tell her to show you what she likes. This one tip is soooooo important!
  5. When you know what she likes take the toy off her and give it a go. Do the things she showed you but also play around, explore and have fun. Remember practice makes perfect.
  6. If she doesn’t orgasm give her back the toy and tell her to make herself cum. This way you can watch and learn. Don’t worry if you cant make her cum the first few times, just don’t give up and you will get there.

When learning how to play with a vibrator, it’s vital you have the right toy. We have a wide range of toys that you can browse through and find the perfect one for you. From high end luxury vibes to tiny little bullets, all at rock bottom prices and with 100% discreet packing. (No one will ever know). So click here and treat yourself or your partner to a new sexy toy or two…

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