Ejaculation Control: Tips and Advice on How to Last Longer

Let’s be honest at one time or another we all cum to quickly. BUT there are some real simple tips you can learn to help you last a longer in bed. Check out this post to find out more…

Lean how to delay ejaculation and put a smile on her face!

  • Do you have trouble controlling when you cum?
  • Would you like to learn how to last longer?
  • Would you like to be able to give your woman vaginal orgasms when you are fucking her?

(Ladies if your man cums too quickly send him a link to this blog post and lets get him sorted out!)

First the bad news, then the good news and then I’ll share a link with you that might just change your sex life forever.

The bad news – There is no magic pill, silver bullet or instant cure that will solve your premature ejaculation problems with no effort.

The good news – There are some short-term solutions that will help you out a lot and in the long term (with a small amount of practice) you can learn how to get complete control of when you cum.

This blog isn’t the right place to go into every single technique to help you control your ejaculation but I will share two with you right now. One is a short term fix and one a longer term suggestion then, like I said I’ll give you a link with tons more great more info. (Or just click here if you are impatient and want to skip straight to the advanced stuff!)

Quick side note – Until you get this issue handled I suggest adopting the “she cums first rule”. If your lady gets to cum she is much less likely to care about how long you last. This one simple rule will save you a lot of performance anxiety and that in itself can help you last longer.

Short-term fix – Delay condoms. They really do work. They contain a small amount of de-sensitizing gel in the tip of the latex. This gel slows down the arousal process so it takes longer to cum. As a quick fix they are great but they are far from perfect. The gel de-sensitizes your cock, which means less pleasure. They can also make it hard to cum as your dick can be too desensitized!

Longer-term fix – Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises can help you get better control of your premature ejaculation, they take a bit of work and practice but they are a better solution than delay condoms. The exercises strengthen your PC muscles and these muscles can stop you from cumming too quickly.

How to do kegel exercises – Step one, every time you take a leak stop mid-flow (ideally five times per leak). Step two, practice contracting your PC muscles. You do this by flexing the muscles that lift your ball sack up and down. Do this every day until the muscles feel tired and soon you will notice improvements in your stamina.

Both these two tips will give you some improvement in your ejaculation control BUT THERE IS MUCH MORE TO LEARN.

If you want to discover some ninja-like secrets and advanced techniques to help you last longer.
If you want to put them into action and get complete control over exactly when you cum.
If you want to have the power to give a woman intense vaginal orgasms and total sexual satisfaction just from fucking her.

My new buddy Lester has created a ton of great info telling you step by step exactly how to get complete control of your ejaculation.

Learn how to get control of your ejaculation here…

Have a good one!
PS – Feel free to hit me up with any questions you have using the comments box below. I am always happy to help and get notified every time anyone posts a comment on here so it won’t take me long to get back to you. Make sure you also subscribe to comments so that you get notified of my reply. :good:

How to give good blow jobs

Do you want to learn how to give good blow jobs? Read this post, learn these simple steps then go practise and have some fun…

There are two things I think are really sad about women and blow-jobs.

1 – A lot of women don’t like giving them.

2 – A lot of women are scared of giving them because they don’t know how to give good blow-jobs.

Why don’t some women like giving them and what can be done about it?

  • The man’s cock might be unclean.
  • They might not like having cum in their mouth.
  • They might think it’s dirty or slutty in some way.

The first one is simple to sort out. If you are confident enough then you can just tell your man if he wants more blow-jobs he needs to wash his dick.

But if you aren’t confident then a nice trick is to wait until he gets out of the shower, or ask him if he want’s to take a shower with you, then you can make sure he is nice and clean before you drop to your knees! 🙂

While I love it when a man cum’s in my mouth I totally get that you might not like it! My advice for this one is to make a deal with him before you start. Tell him he can have lots of lovely blowjobs as long as he always tells you just before he cums so you don’t have to taste his cum.

If you think it is dirty to suck his dick my heart goes out to you. Doctors will tell you there is no hygiene risk from sucking him off and it can be so much fun once you let go of this. The best thing to do is talk to your girly friends (or your gay mates) and ask them if they think it’s dirty. I guarantee some (probably all) of them wont.

If you think it is slutty in some way, again my heart goes out to you. I strongly believe that we have bodies with sexual organs so we can use them for fun and enjoyment. If men, other women or society in general have conditioned you to feel guilty about enjoying sex that’s a great shame.

My advice would be to read some books on sexuality, talk to your more open-minded friends and if your issues cause you deep emotional stress get some professional help.

BUT if possible just say a big “FUCK YOU” to anyone who judges you for enjoying sex, they are either jealous or feeling guilty about their own desires and as such have no right to judge you

So what if you want to give good blow-jobs but don’t know how?

Here are my top ten tips to help you give good blow-jobs

  1. Make sure he is clean if it’s important to you. Trust me there aren’t many men who would mind washing their cock if it means they will get a blow job for being a good boy!
  2. If you don’t feel confident just fake it until you make it. I know it can feel scary at first, but put your best face on, relax, take a deep breath and go for it…IT’S NOT THAT HARD (pun intended 😉 )
  3. Make sure his cock is wet and slidey. Saliva works wonders for this so make sure you have a drink handy to keep your mouth nice and moist.
  4. Don’t just use your mouth get your hands involved as well. Tickle his balls, squeeze them, cup them in the palms of your hand. Stroke his belly or run your hands along his legs. If you are feeling really naughty slip your hand around and tickle his butt hole.
  5. Start off gently, don’t suck straight away, lick up and down, tease the head. Build anticipation and watch him squirm.
  6. I find it is easiest if you hold the base of his cock with one hand while you suck him off but sometimes it’s fun to let it flop about while you chase it with your mouth. Have fun with it, when he sees you enjoying yourself it will turn him on even more.
  7. Put it in your mouth and suck on it like you suck on a lollypop, personally I like to feel his dick against the back of my throat but there is no need to take it any deeper than you feel comfortable with. If you just keep sucking up and down his dick like this he will cum and he will love it!
  8. When you want him to cum suck harder and start to move your mouth up and down faster and faster.
  9. If I get tired I will use my hands more to go up and down his shaft and keep my mouth around his head so I can rest my neck. Sometimes I blow on the tip or spit on it (Guys LOVE this).
  10. If you want to get even better learn how to do deep throat and experiment with rimming!

Note – Remember every man is slightly different so you will need to experiment a bit before you get this perfect. Also you can learn new skills over time, this is just a basic guide to get you started.

Do you have any questions? Do you have any tips for how to give good blow jobs?

Post your thoughts below…

PS – Why don’t you treat your man to a nice new toy. In fact while you are at it, why don’t you treat yourself to one as well..?

Looking for an Anal Sex Guide?

Are you interested in trying out anal sex, but don’t want it to hurt? Check out this step-by-step guide and then go enjoy yourself with your new skills…!

  • Are you nervous about your first anal sex experiment?
  • Do you want an easy to follow anal sex guide so it goes really well for you and your partner?

Check out these ten super-easy to follow steps to help you both enjoy your first time anal sex experiments…

  1. Talk about it and make sure you are both keen to give it a go. Especially for whoever is receiving it, anal sex will only be fun if you are relaxed and comfortable with it all. So before you give it a go, talk it through so you are well prepared.
  2. Start off with some fantasies. Naughty texts and emails. Maybe some dirty talk over the phone or when in bed together. By using fantasy before you try it for real, it will make you much more horny when you do give it a go (this is really important).
  3. Pick the right time. Make sure you wont be disturbed. Whoever is going to be taking it, needs to have gone to the bathroom and feel clean and relaxed.  Maybe have a drink or two to help get you both in the right mood.
  4. Get really horny before you start. Have fun with it. Maybe give each other a few orgasms before you even start. Lots of kissing, cuddling, foreplay. If you increase the bond of intimacy between you both then you are already on the right path to sexy anal fun.
  5. Lube, lube and more lube! Lube is really important for anal sex. Use it. Use lots of it. Use more than you think you need too. Got that? Good! Now use some more lube!
  6. Practice with fingers and toys first. Use small vibes and fingers first. Inserting small objects helps to relax and open the anus making it much more likely to take a cock without too much pain. (Make sure any fingers don’t have rough finger nails).
  7. Use butt plugs. After fingers and toys you can use butt plugs to really open the anus up. This is a great way of making sure it doesn’t hurt too much when you take the next step.
  8. Start off very, very slowly. You are not a porn star! Don’t treat anal sex like vaginal sex. Go slowly and focus on enjoying those lovely tight sensations.
  9. Get past that first initial pain and it will start to feel great. If you are on the receiving end when the cock is inserted you will probably feel some pain at first. But if you breathe, focus on relaxing around the cock and tell your partner to stay still for a few seconds the pain will go away and it will start to feel nice. Remember if you use butt plugs first before you have anal sex this will reduce this pain a lot.
  10. Relax and enjoy it if you can, but if you cant then stop and take a break. It can take a few attempts to get over the fear and really relax into it! Trust me it will be worth it. For who ever is doing the fucking anal sex is a big turn on and for whoever is taking it can produce mind-blowing orgasms (in both men and women).

There you go, I hope this step by step anal sex guide helps you have some fun and success. Anal play can be so much fun.

It is not dirty, or weird and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just another great way for all of us to enjoy our bodies.

So give it a go and make sure you comment below and let me know how it went..?

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Lola’s in Love! Why I Love My Sex Toys

I’m in love and its with some battery powered pieces of plastic. I love my sexy adult toys and think every girl should have a good collection of them…

Sex toys are great! I love them because they take away my frustrations and replace them with warm happy vibes (pun intended). I take them everywhere with me, I have too! Sometimes it’s the only way of dealing with life’s pressures. I can’t live without my trusty toys and the day my vibrators break is the day I buy new ones.

I also love using different sex toys with my partners because it’s fun, experimental and adds variety to longer sex sessions. Here are some of my favorites…

G-spot vibrators are my all time favorite ever. I hope who ever invented them is a millionaire because they deserve to be. I have helped five good friends find their g-spot by recommending this toy… It’s a winner.

Clit vibes are my second best friend. Cumming from both vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time is a massive thrill for me and I recommend it to any lady.

Anal beads and anal vibrators are a fantastic invention for fun antics. Tip… Try pulling them out as your partner orgasms to make the orgasm much more intense.

Whips and paddles. If you are like me and like a little pain then these gems are a must in your toy box. There not just for spanking an ass, try lightly whipping pussy for a buzz that makes you cry for more!

Restraints. They don’t have to be handcuffs, try silk ties or girlie belts. Being tied up and unable to touch yourself or your partner is a sure way of driving you wild.

Cock rings are awesome for cow girl position. It’s a rubber band with a small vibrator attached to it that fits on the man’s penis and can help you reach orgasm through your clit while you ride his penis so it’s on your g-spot.

Ladies… Using sex toys on yourself can help you explore your sexuality and help you understand how your body works. Using them with your partner helps give him a better understanding of how and what you like.

Guys… Please don’t feel threatened by sex toys, women love the real thing much more than anything else it’s just they love their toys as well.

I know there are many more toys on the market so comment below and tell us what they are and why you like them. Click here to check out our huge range of sex toys (all at super low prices…)

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How to Have Anal sex

Do you want to have anal sex? Do you want to try it but are a bit worried about how to do it right? Check out this post for some easy to follow simple advice, then go and give it a go..!

Check out these easy to learn, tips and techniques to teach you how to have anal sex. Not only will they teach you how to do it, it will also help you make sure it’s lots of fun!

  1. Talk about it – Before you try it, talk it over with your partner. Make sure you are both keen to try it, that you feel comfortable giving it a go and that you both remember it is just a fun new thing for you to try together.
  2. Fantasize – Lots of people forget this one and it is a shame. It is such good fun and it makes it all so much easier. Anal sex is much less likely to hurt if you are feeling really relaxed and horny. Talk dirty (LINK to silo) to each other about it, use naughty texts and emails, do anything that builds up the sexual excitement and anticipation.
  3. Prepare and pick the right time – Whoever is on the receiving end needs to feel comfy. If they have a bad stomach or are a bit constipated this is not the time to give it a go! Make some extra effort to make your environment relaxing and sexy. Candles, music and long bath, whatever takes your fancy and helps get you horny.
  4. Lube – Lube is really, really important for anal sex. There is no natural lubrication in the anus and also it is very, very tight. Lube will make it much easier and also much more fun. So put some lube on, then put more lube on, then…Well you get the picture, just use a LOT of lube!
  5. Fingers and toys – If you start off by inserting a finger or a very small sex toy, this will help a lot. It opens up the rectum, helps it relax and will help eliminate the pain from inserting anything bigger.
  6. Butt plugs – Butt plugs are a really useful and effective way to help you have anal sex. Again like inserting other toys, they help the anus open up and relax so that when you insert a larger object it is ready for it.
  7. Start off very slowly – When you insert the penis start really slowly.  Put the tip in, then take it out again. Then do this again but go in a little further. Keep repeating this but going deeper and deeper each time. This reduces the pain to a minimum and also increases the pleasure.
  8. The initial pain goes away – Most people will feel some pain when the cock is first inserted. But if you breathe and relax this will soon go away and be replaced with much, much more pleasurable sensations!
  9. It might take a few times to master it – Don’t be put off if it doesn’t work the first time. Take a break and try again. Trust me it will be worth it.
  10. It can be amazing fun – Anal sex can be great fun and can give really intense anal orgasms. So don’t let fear stop you give it a go and ENJOY IT!

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Some things to remember about anal sex.

  • It doesn’t have to hurt – If you learn how to have anal sex properly using the tips above it doesn’t have to be too painful. The initial pain of the penis being inserted soon goes away.
  • It doesn’t have to be dirty – If you prepare and pick your time right anal sex doesn’t have to be dirty.
  • There is nothing wrong with it – If you think there is something wrong with anal sex try to let go of this. In my opinion it is just another really fun, sexy way of enjoying our bodies and there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.
  • It can go wrong if you don’t take care – If you rush it or don’t prepare properly it can hurt a lot. So NEVER rush it and always follow the advice above.
  • Safe sex is very important – Anal sex is much more likely to transmit some types of STD’s so always practice safe sex and wear extra strong condoms unless in a committed relationship.

So I hope this helps you learn how to enjoy some anal fun. If you have any questions please use the comment box below and I will reply asap.

PS – If you are not already a member, please feel free to check out our free sexy community on this link… (Its really fun and packed with horny members from all over the world!).