How to Buy Sex toys

Simple, easy to follow advice to make sure you get as much fun as possible for your money when buying yourself some sexy adult toys.

Everything you need to know!

Black vibe in waterThe first thing you need to know is that there is a huge range of toys available these days. From remote controlled sex machines to vibrating cock rings and everything in between, there is so much to chose from!

Don’t worry though, if you are a beginner and want to know how to buy adult toys without getting something that is rubbish or too expensive I am here to help. I must confess I have experimented with a LOT of toys over the years! So I have plenty of experience to share with you.

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Check out these easy tips to help you buy the right toys:

  • No need to spend a fortune – They can cost from just a couple of bucks right up to well over a thousand depending on the type of toy and the brand. Obviously if you are a beginner you don’t want to be spending Stainless steel cock ringthousands of dollars on lots of new toys! My advice is to stick with the middle range at first and try a few different types.
    Let’s say you have $100 dollars to play with. You could buy one expensive toy or you could buy ten cheap ones. If you buy one $100 item you might not like it and all your money is gone. If you buy ten of the $10 options you might have some fun but the quality might not be the best.
    So in this case I would suggest buying three or four mid range products. That way you get to chose from a range of different types of toys whilst still getting a quality product that should last a reasonably long time. 

Of course it is your money, you might only have $50 or you might have $500 that you want to spend. Just remember you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun!
  • Make sure you buy batteries if you need them – Check to see if the toys you are buying need batteries. If they do then remember to buy some. Trust me there is nothing worse than getting all excited when your new toy arrives and then discovering that you don’t have the right batteries and you can’t play with it straight away!
  • For anal play always buy lube as well – The butt doesn’t create it’s own lubrication (unlike the vagina) so it is very important that you always use lube especially if you are a beginner with anal play. The lube will make it feel sexy and slippery instead of dry and scary! (Unless of course dry and scary is your thing in which case you don’t need to use the lube! 😉 ). Also lube is great for using with vaginal toys as well and in my opinion/experience the more lube the better.
  • If they are a surprise for someone else don’t go crazy! – Buying someone a brand new toy as a gift can be a really fun idea. But don’t go crazy in case their idea of a fun toy is very different from yours. Don’t buy your lady a humongous dildo or your man a twelve-inch butt plug unless you are sure they would really love it. In our store we have section of sex toys for men, women and couples to help you find the right gift for your lover.
  • A tip for the ladies (or if you’re buying for a woman) – Vaginal orgasms are amazing! By far the best way to have one is to invest in a nice G-spot vibrator and then use it to make you cum. G-spot vibes have a curved shaft making it really easy to hit that secret spot and I highly recommended them. (In my opinion all women should be have at least one G-spot vibe in their collection).
  • A tip for the guys (or if you’re buying for a man) – Did you know that men can orgasm through anal stimulation? The male prostrate gland (aka the p-spot) when stimulated can give intense orgasms. The best way to hit this spot is with an anal prostrate vibe or stimulator. Some guys might not like the idea, but I’ve seen the effect of anal orgasms on men and it is very, very powerful!
  • A good tip for couples – If I told you there was a toy that was amazing for men and women to use together. That it helped her cum during intercourse. That is gave him a larger firmer erection AND a more intense orgasms (after helping him to last longer). Would you be interested? If I told you that you could buy them for under twenty bucks (or about $50 for super good quality ones) would you like the sound of that? I have two words for you – Vibrating Cock-rings! Cheap, very easy to use and a LOT OF FUN FOR BOTH PARTNERS. What more could you ask for?

So know you know exactly how to buy adult toys all there is left to do is to go browse the store find the perfect items and then treat yourself to some seriously sexy fun and games…

(Don’t forget the purchases wont show up on your credit card bill or in the packaging, this means no one will know what you are buying so you can relax and enjoy your new toys without any fear of embarrassment).

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PPS – Finally you might also want to check out this blog post on how to use sex toys… For some easy to follow advice to help you get the most fun from your sexy investment.

Want to Know How to Use a Vibrator?

Do you want to know how to use a vibrator? On yourself? Or with your partner? Check out these easy to follow, simple tips and then go have some sexy fun with your toys!

These simple, easy to follow steps will give you all the advice you need to start having lots of fun.
The techniques are broken up into two stages:

  1. Advice for women on how to play with a vibe on themselves.
  2. Advice for using a vibrator on your female partner.

Before I go into the list of steps I just want to say two things. Firstly the most important thing is to relax and not put too much pressure on yourself. Using a vibrator is a skill and like any skill it takes a little practice to get really good at it. (Still I reckon that’s not so bad, there are a lot worse things I could think of practicing!)

Secondly for this post I will focus on clitoral vibrators. Lets keep things simple for now..!

Advice for ladies on how to use a vibe for masturbation.

  1. Pick a time when you wont be disturbed or overheard.
    You don’t want someone bursting in on you or overhearing a strange buzzing noise coming from your bedroom!
  2. Get yourself in the right mood. Anytime you try anything new to do with sex, always, always, always get in the right mood first. Light candles, have a bath, listen to music, fantasize. Do whatever you need to get ready for some sexy action.
  3. When you are ready turn on the vibe. Don’t turn it up to full intensity (save that for later tee hee) and explore all of your pussy with it. Tickle your lips, pop it inside you and of course, tease your clit with it.
  4. Remember to relax, breathe and enjoy it. Focus your mind on the pleasurable sensations and they will start to intensify.
  5. If it helps fantasize about someone or something that really makes you hot.
  6. Just keep hitting the spots in your pussy that feel really good. You’re going to start feeling hot and the sexy sensations will increase… This is when you turn up the intensity of your vibrator. An orgasm is coming (Pun intended!).
  7. Then (and this is VERY, VERY, important), do it again and again and again. Remember practice makes perfect and masturbation is good for you!

How to one on your female partner.

  1. Make sure you wont be disturbed and you are both comfortable with your environment. This might not seem that important (especially to a man), but trust me it is!).
  2. Make sure she is in a sexy mood. Use sexy talk, setting the scene, music or whatever else it is that she likes to help her relax and feel horny.
  3. Warm her up with plenty of kissing and non-vibrator foreplay. Remember, women get turned on like volume knobs so build it up nice and slowly.
  4. Give her the vibe and tell her to show you what she likes. This one tip is soooooo important!
  5. When you know what she likes take the toy off her and give it a go. Do the things she showed you but also play around, explore and have fun. Remember practice makes perfect.
  6. If she doesn’t orgasm give her back the toy and tell her to make herself cum. This way you can watch and learn. Don’t worry if you cant make her cum the first few times, just don’t give up and you will get there.

When learning how to play with a vibrator, it’s vital you have the right toy. We have a wide range of toys that you can browse through and find the perfect one for you. From high end luxury vibes to tiny little bullets, all at rock bottom prices and with 100% discreet packing. (No one will ever know). So click here and treat yourself or your partner to a new sexy toy or two…

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How to Use the Secret Erotica Community

More useful advice and a quick start video to help you on your way.

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We regularly ask for feedback from our members. One of the things that came up was the fact that like all sexy social media sites they can take a little bit of used to at first.

So we listened and we got our heads together and we decided that a short “How to” video would be the quickest way to help you get the most from the site.

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